maandag 30 mei 2016

The weekend

Hi guys !

This weekend was one crazy weekend . I thougt it was going to be a chill weekend with and drinks but nope . I have a little photo diary to discribe my weekend .

On Friday we went to Wageningen . Thats a cute little city near by us . My mom wanted to go to the hair dresser and i wanted to shop.

 Unfortunately we didn't buy anything and what do you do when you didn't shop anything ? Well then you go the greek and eat there food haha .
 Oke we did buy something  : Baklava oh my i love baklava

 Then.. it was Saturday . My best friend had a plan for my ( late ) bday present . She told my i had to look cute wear make up and pack some stuff for a sleep over. Stupid naif me thought that we would just eat or drink something in the city but no.. I had to look at the laptop and this is what i found. She bought me tickets to a theme park haha. But then...

She also bought tickets to a party.. That night! haha it literally took me 5 minutes to find out that it was not a joke. Like yes i was dresses good but for a dinner not a party ! haha . But is was a great suprise party and we had a lot of fun.  But next time i am going to pay more attention to the details my friends give me hahah

The next day i didn't had a hangover ( thats new tho) But i was tired the only thing i wanted to eat was some junkfood. My mom said she wanted to have mc Donalds ( thats new too) but when we where driving there we actually didn't want mc Donalds anymore. So thank god there was a Subway near by haha.

Moral of this story . Never believe your friends when they have something planned for you. Its a trap ! hahah

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