vrijdag 30 september 2016


Hi guys!

Did you know that i have a lot in comment with Cookie monster . Im not really into candy or other sweet stuff , but i looove cookies. Soft chocolet chip cookies or Oreos or speculaas or pepernoten  ( I think only dutchies will understand haha) I love them all. But my favorite cookie is a little french cookie : Macaron ! It comes in many different flavors and colors. They look so pretty and cute. And they all taste amazing. I love the merengue texture of the cookies with a soft creamy filling. I never had one from laduree. But i had a maccaron when i was in french so i was close to the real deal haha. The most delicious one that i tastes was a mint macaron from a bakary in Amsterdam.

Mmm i am craving for macarons now !

vrijdag 23 september 2016

Winter coat

Hi guys!

Every year it is a struggle, finding the perfect winter coat. I love long elegent coats. But sometimes it can be to warm for a coat like that and i have to take that enormous coat with me . I love parkas to. They are more casual and have a hood. But where do i find one without a ridiculous fur band around the hood. And why can i only find green parkas.. what iz  the deal with that. Or should i go for a leather jacket with a warm lining. No that will make me look like a cartoon .
It is so dificult !!

woensdag 21 september 2016


Hi guys!

We all love jeans. They are comfi , cool and warm great for fall. But there is one special jeans i am starting to fall in love with . The mom jeans. Oke i admit as a fashion lover i love the mom jeans for a couple of year. But there is one type of mom jeans i can't get out of my mind. The not to light not to dark, loose but skinny retro mom jeans. Its a lovely jeans that has a retro vibe but you can combine it on so many great ways you will never get bored with this jeans.

maandag 19 september 2016

Fall wishlist

Hi guys!

Finally it is fall. At least i hope so i can't handle another week of to hot summer.
But fall means changing my gardrobe. But there are a couple of things that i want . Let me show you my wish list.

A leather jacket.
I still need a leather jacket. But i can't finx the perfect one.. so feel free to send me one haha

I love trousers there soft and comfortable. But chique at the same time. So i want one in every shape and fall color.

To me fall means boots. I love boots there warm comfortable and sexy. Especially these Alexander wang boots.
Give me a big boxy warm sweater and i am happy. These fall i am going on a hunt for a big sweater dress.

maandag 12 september 2016

Flower power

Hi guys!

I love flowers ! Not just in a vase on the table , but as a crown on my head , as  accessoires, or as a print on a dress.  A big field of flowers makes my so happy . Even the flower bomb parfum of victor and rolf is my favorite parfum .Flowers remind me of spring and summer . The narcissus is my favorite flower. But if you ever get in fight with me or you want to say you love me , don't give my a big bouguet of flowers.. Just bring me to a flower field with a big box of chocolets and im happy !

woensdag 7 september 2016

Japanese street fashion

Hi guys !

Every now and then i think i wear to much black, or that my clothes are way to boring. Than i thought about Decora fashion beter known as the Harajuku girls. How cool would it be to go all out with colors and cute (kawaii) accessoires. Here in the Netherlands it would be to crazy. But the Harajuku girls do inspire me. You can always translate the Decora fashion style to something more wearable. I could wear a basic outfit and go all out with accessoires. Or wear one crazy item . How ever i love the Harajuku girls , its there way to express thereselfs in a countrey full of uniforms. So why wouldn't i just express myself in a countrey full of basic fashion.

maandag 5 september 2016

The bodyshop masks part 3

Hi guys!

Last but not least i am going to tell you my opinion about the last mask.

The British Roze fresh plumping mask

What the bodyshop says:

100% vegan
Refreshing gel face mask
For skin that needs to be quenched and re-plumped with moisture to reveal its dewy glow again
Moisturises, soothes and tones skin
Formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil
Ideal to create a facial at home
Infused with real rose petals, rose essence from Britain, rosehip oil from Chile and organic Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico

This masks has a nice feeling on your skin . It is thinner than the honey mask. When you rince it of  your skin feels soft and it has a nice glow.


I love the bodyshop superfood masks. They all make your skin looks better. You can use one at the time or you can combine them. The chinese giseng and rice is my absolute favorite. And the Honey masks my second favorite. If you are still not sure wich mask will be best for your skin you can always ask for a sample .

vrijdag 2 september 2016

The bodyshop mask part 2

Hi guys!

Toxay its time for the body shop superfood masks part 2. I tested 2 masks and again im going to dhare my opinion with you.

1. The Himalayan Charcoal purifing glow mask .

What the bodyshop says :

100% vegan
Tingling charcoal clay mask
Absorbs excess oil
For skin that needs extra purification to reveal a healthy, youthful glow
Formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil
Ideal to create a facial at home
Packed with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan Foothills, green tea leaves from Japan and organic Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya

My opinion:
This mask is an amazing mask for an oily skin or when you have acne. You can really feel the mask working. It is a weard sensation .the mask dries fast which i love because i hate waiting. It has a little scrub in it so you can scrub all the dirt away. 

2. The Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing mask

What the bodyshop says :

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Indulgent melting face mask
  • Replenishes, restores and comforts skin
  • For skin that needs an intense dose of replenishing moisture to feel softer and smoother.
  • Formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil
  • Ideal to create a facial at home
  • Drizzled with Community Trade honey from Ethiopia, Community Trade marula oil from Namibia and organic Community Trade olive oil from Italy

My opinion:

This mask is my favorite . It litarally feels like honey on your skin. It leaves your skin feeling so soft . If you have dry skin this is the mask you need. But for a normal to oily skin it is also a great mask ,because sometimes you want to have a soft baby skin