woensdag 27 juli 2016


Hi guys !

I'm a sucker for sandels.But every summer i have the same problem. I have no sandels! I'm really picky with sandels. I want them to be pretty but also very comfortable.
I don't want them to have a lot of straps , i don't want noting between my toe's , they have to look minimalistic. No boho hippy shoes for me ! But what do you end up with then ? Birckenstocks are comforable and minimalistick but not so cute and elegant .
But thanks to my good friend pinterest (and some stylist that i follow on instagram) i found some sandels of my dream .

I see myself wearing the woven ones (isabel marant ) during the day . And the cut out ones (free people) at a fancy party or a dinner .

I hope i inspired you with finding your perfect sandel .

maandag 25 juli 2016

Sorry not sorry

Hi guys!

What a week last week ! It was finally summer and it was bloody hot. I even got a tan . And not only was the weather was great , but the partys were greater. It was the 4 daagse weeks in nijmegen. Where people walk 30/40/50 km for fun . And around that event there are partys all over the city. 24/7 partys food and a lot of lovely people. I have a couple pictures of my week that i want to share with you.

maandag 18 juli 2016

Summer make up tips

Hi guys !

Well i can't call this summer a summer cause there is almost no sun but it is hot out so.. We are all still sweating our butts off . And when is hot outside you don't want to wear make up because you melt it of anyway. But if you want to wear make up because you are going to a party or you don't want to look like a tired ghost , then you have to try these tips .

waterproof make up.

Since your face is melting the best thing you can do is wear waterproof make up . Like mascara and eyeliner. Some make up brands come with a summer collection where they also have waterproof blushes and lipstick . It is harder to take off at the end of the day buy it stays on .

Powder make up.

Liquid foundations melts off after you aply it . You can wear the best primer but when its hot and you are sweating it glides off. Powder make up is often used to set your liquid make up. But you can also just wear it on its own. Also if your powder is comming of during the day it is easyer to re-apply your powder than putting a whole new layer of liquid foundation on.

Focus on your eyes/lips

In the summer your skin gets a little tan and your blemmiges are less noticeable . So when you don't have a lot of blemmiges than you can skip the foundation. And focus on your eyes or lips ( or both) When you got some eye make up on you look less tired and when you put on some lipstick you look a bit more glamourus . Oh don't forget your brows !!

vrijdag 15 juli 2016

Dream closeth

Hi guys !

Every girl has a dream closeth . I want a big closet with Thousand clothing items , and half of them i probably never wear. But its just fun to stare at a big room full of glitter and glamour . Its like having a little store but you already paid for the clothes .Every item would have there one space. A corner full of jackets ,a wall full of dresses, a big table full of jewerly and probably a whole other room full of shoes .And yes if i had a big walk in closet i would still tell people i have nothing to wear !

Here are some closets that come close to my dream closet

woensdag 13 juli 2016

I hate vlogs

Hi guys!

When you read the title you might think , wtf but aren't vlogs a cool trend right now. Yes exactly and thats why i hate them. Everybody thinks there lives are so important they should film it. And most of them just start filming for the money they think they might get. ( Its not that easy you guys) A lot of people just film in there house and how they do there grocerys and sit in there car telling people there opinions that most of the time does'nt even make sence . But i do love youtube and there are a couple of greate videos online that i want to share with you.

First video is this video from hey clair.
There are alot of beauty gurus on youtube. But not all of them are creative . Hey claire is. Even when she doesn't makes a video in a while she comes back with this.

Second video is this video from luca fersko.
This video actually doesn't makes any sence . But it is funny tho. It just a couple of friends having fun in new york and making a crazy video. The editting and the way they shot it is great.

Tird video is a video of casey neistat.
Oke oke this is a vlog. But not a regular vlog. He has a story in every video and is not just rambling around. Also he has great drone shots wich i love and in the end of his videos he is not begging for likes. You can really see that he is a film maker and that he enjoys it.

Another video from luca fersko.
Sorry i just love his videos.
This is an example of a atmosphere video . I love these type of videos . You can still see what he did that day. But he is not telling about every detail. Wich most of the time annoys me cause i can see what you eat you don't have to talk about it for 10 minuts.

Last video is a video of the fashion citizen.
They made a creative favorite video . Wich is really inspiring and not as boring as a normal favorite video. They love to expiriment with editting and you can really see that in there videos.

maandag 11 juli 2016

Party inspiration

Hi guys !

I am exited for the end of this week. Because the summer partys in Nijmegen start again . Wich means alot partys from Saturday till Friday . But what should i wear ?! Its Always a dillema and i Always end up looking the same . I Always go for a black bodycon skirt with a black shirt and black sneakers . And i let my hair just down it ends up messy anyway. Maybe it is time to go for something else. A jumpsuit or a dress maybe or a totally different skirt . As long as it is black im happy haha.

I have a couple of images that inspire me and maybe this year my outfits will be different.

vrijdag 8 juli 2016


Hi guys !

Last time we talked about piercings so today we are going to talk about tattoo's.
I love tattoo's i think ( oke not all of them ) are a little piece of art on a humans body. And ofcourse human bodys get older and a rose tattoo looks like a dried rose when your skin is all wrinkly and stuff . But that doesn't stop me about getting inspired by beautiful tattoos. I do want a couple of tattoos my self . Not little dainty ones that are cute and ellegant.

I am going to show you some tattoos that inspire me and im going to tell you why i want them.

1. Seahorse tattoo

The first tattoo that i want is a little seahorse on my ankle . There are many different meanings to this tattoo to me . When i was a little kid a friend and i found a dead seahorse in the sea in Greece. He gave it to me and since that time a seahorse reminds me of that time and of my roots . Also a fun fact is that a male seahorse gives birth to the kids and because i am a feminist that sounds great ! And the last meaning to this tattoo is that a seahorse tattoo keeps you save on the sea ( at least that is what the old sailers thought )

2.Flower tattoo

Lately im obsesd with flower tattoos . I think there so beautyfull and elegant . There are many different flowers and types of tattoos . But i want to have a narcissus in watercolor . Why a narcissus ? Because it is my favorit flower. It reminds me of spring the season that i was born in.

3. I love mom tattoo.

It is a inside joke between me and my mom. I Always tell her that my first tattoo is a i love mom tattoo , and that i want her to get a i love my daughter tattoo. I don't know if that is ever going to happen haha. But a vintage little i love mom tattoo on my other ankle would be actually very cute .

woensdag 6 juli 2016

Ear candy

Hi guys !

I used to have 6 ear piercings but i never wear earrings annymore..So some of my earpiercings are closed . I didn't care about it until now. I am starting to love the 'ear candy' look. That is basicly a couple of earpiercings but in every ''hole'' there is another piercing . You can mix and match and you don''t have to worry when you lose 1 earing because you dont have to wear 2 of the same .Symmetry is a no go.So i want to pierce my ears again.. But first i have to gather some courage haha.

maandag 4 juli 2016

Wine is fine

Hi guys!

It isn't a secret that i like to drink alcohol.. So what do you do when you like alcohol? You go to a wine tasting.
My friend and i want  to do something fun but not something that we Always do . So we find out that there was a wine tasting near by us so we went there.
First we had a tour in the wine museum .We learned a little history about the wine cellars and they told us how the wine was made .
After the tour we had the tasting. We tasted a rose a white wine and a red wine. The white wine was my favorite the rose was oke but the red wine was discusting haha ( oke not that discusting but it tasted like a little bit fruit and a lot of wood .. almost like i was drinking a three)
After the tour and the tasting there was a wine store we didn't buy anything but we did taste another rose haha.
And what do you do after a wine tasting ? Yes you go home make taco's watch a movie and drink a Bellini haha.

So if you want to do something fun with friends but you don't want to party or go on a dinner i can highly recommend a wine tasting ! We went to Robbers en van den Hoogen winehous in Arnhem and our tour guide was a very cute little American woman . So if you don't speak dutch she can translate it for you.

Here are some pictures from the tour :

vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Sushi not sushi

Hi guys!

Sushi is one of my favorit food to eat . And yes i do hate people who say they don't like it because they don''t like raw fish. Its not just only raw fish ! There are so many different kind of sushi and i didn't even try them all . But there is more then just simple sushi rolls let me show you .

Why  even bother to cut your roll in peaces, when you can eat it like a borrito.

People who don't like raw fish.. try fruit

When your roll skills aren't on point , you can just put all the ingredients in a bowl and eat it like a salad .

When you don't like baking but you do like sushi , try a sushi pie .

Do you want to have a high tea but you are craving for sushi, sushi sandwiches are the best solution.