maandag 18 juli 2016

Summer make up tips

Hi guys !

Well i can't call this summer a summer cause there is almost no sun but it is hot out so.. We are all still sweating our butts off . And when is hot outside you don't want to wear make up because you melt it of anyway. But if you want to wear make up because you are going to a party or you don't want to look like a tired ghost , then you have to try these tips .

waterproof make up.

Since your face is melting the best thing you can do is wear waterproof make up . Like mascara and eyeliner. Some make up brands come with a summer collection where they also have waterproof blushes and lipstick . It is harder to take off at the end of the day buy it stays on .

Powder make up.

Liquid foundations melts off after you aply it . You can wear the best primer but when its hot and you are sweating it glides off. Powder make up is often used to set your liquid make up. But you can also just wear it on its own. Also if your powder is comming of during the day it is easyer to re-apply your powder than putting a whole new layer of liquid foundation on.

Focus on your eyes/lips

In the summer your skin gets a little tan and your blemmiges are less noticeable . So when you don't have a lot of blemmiges than you can skip the foundation. And focus on your eyes or lips ( or both) When you got some eye make up on you look less tired and when you put on some lipstick you look a bit more glamourus . Oh don't forget your brows !!
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