vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Sushi not sushi

Hi guys!

Sushi is one of my favorit food to eat . And yes i do hate people who say they don't like it because they don''t like raw fish. Its not just only raw fish ! There are so many different kind of sushi and i didn't even try them all . But there is more then just simple sushi rolls let me show you .

Why  even bother to cut your roll in peaces, when you can eat it like a borrito.

People who don't like raw fish.. try fruit

When your roll skills aren't on point , you can just put all the ingredients in a bowl and eat it like a salad .

When you don't like baking but you do like sushi , try a sushi pie .

Do you want to have a high tea but you are craving for sushi, sushi sandwiches are the best solution.
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