maandag 4 juli 2016

Wine is fine

Hi guys!

It isn't a secret that i like to drink alcohol.. So what do you do when you like alcohol? You go to a wine tasting.
My friend and i want  to do something fun but not something that we Always do . So we find out that there was a wine tasting near by us so we went there.
First we had a tour in the wine museum .We learned a little history about the wine cellars and they told us how the wine was made .
After the tour we had the tasting. We tasted a rose a white wine and a red wine. The white wine was my favorite the rose was oke but the red wine was discusting haha ( oke not that discusting but it tasted like a little bit fruit and a lot of wood .. almost like i was drinking a three)
After the tour and the tasting there was a wine store we didn't buy anything but we did taste another rose haha.
And what do you do after a wine tasting ? Yes you go home make taco's watch a movie and drink a Bellini haha.

So if you want to do something fun with friends but you don't want to party or go on a dinner i can highly recommend a wine tasting ! We went to Robbers en van den Hoogen winehous in Arnhem and our tour guide was a very cute little American woman . So if you don't speak dutch she can translate it for you.

Here are some pictures from the tour :

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