vrijdag 8 juli 2016


Hi guys !

Last time we talked about piercings so today we are going to talk about tattoo's.
I love tattoo's i think ( oke not all of them ) are a little piece of art on a humans body. And ofcourse human bodys get older and a rose tattoo looks like a dried rose when your skin is all wrinkly and stuff . But that doesn't stop me about getting inspired by beautiful tattoos. I do want a couple of tattoos my self . Not little dainty ones that are cute and ellegant.

I am going to show you some tattoos that inspire me and im going to tell you why i want them.

1. Seahorse tattoo

The first tattoo that i want is a little seahorse on my ankle . There are many different meanings to this tattoo to me . When i was a little kid a friend and i found a dead seahorse in the sea in Greece. He gave it to me and since that time a seahorse reminds me of that time and of my roots . Also a fun fact is that a male seahorse gives birth to the kids and because i am a feminist that sounds great ! And the last meaning to this tattoo is that a seahorse tattoo keeps you save on the sea ( at least that is what the old sailers thought )

2.Flower tattoo

Lately im obsesd with flower tattoos . I think there so beautyfull and elegant . There are many different flowers and types of tattoos . But i want to have a narcissus in watercolor . Why a narcissus ? Because it is my favorit flower. It reminds me of spring the season that i was born in.

3. I love mom tattoo.

It is a inside joke between me and my mom. I Always tell her that my first tattoo is a i love mom tattoo , and that i want her to get a i love my daughter tattoo. I don't know if that is ever going to happen haha. But a vintage little i love mom tattoo on my other ankle would be actually very cute .
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