woensdag 9 november 2016

House inspiration

Hi guys!

First of all seriously America ? You voted for trump ? Idiots !
Today i have some inspiration to decorate your bunker for when WW3 is going to happen. ( I am seriously afraid of that)

Well i love the botanical house style. With a lot of green and wooden details. Plants all over the place . It is so cool to combine the botanical style with the industrial style. Steel and rusty details are totally hot right now. Combine these two styles with a retro couch and music player, and you have the coolest home ever!

woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Ripped jeans in fall

Hi guys!

Since almost all jeans are distressed now a days , you will have to have cold knees in fall. But distressed jeans look so cool. So you could wear them with cold knees, or put some cute thights under them. Visneth thights or lace ones. Cute thights make your outfit sexyer and cool at the same time. So you can show your cute warm knees this fall and still wear your distressed jeans. Win win !

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Fall nails

Hi guys!

With a fall garderobe comes fall make up. And don't forget your nails. You can paint your nailswith the colors that are hot this season : Mauve pink ,khaki green , burgundy red , dark grey. Or go with a lovely fall pattern like fall leaves .

Here i have some inspiration.

maandag 17 oktober 2016

Sock boots

Hi guys!

I have this love/hate thing with fall. Hate the hold ! But love to wear warm clothes. And fall is the perfect time for boots. Overknee boots, biker boots and sock boots. Sock boots are my new obsession. They are boots that fits thight around your ankle, just like a sock. They have a elegant femenin look. And at the same time they are super comfi and keep your ankle warm.

A thousand pair of sock boots please.

donderdag 13 oktober 2016

Leather skirt

Hi guys !

I have this new obsesion : The leather skirt ! It is such a statement piece in your wardrobe . It edgy , elegant , and sexy at the same time.
Combine it with a oversuzed sweater or coat and some overknee boots , or a thight turtle neck and ankle boots. A short a line one or a long bodycon one i love them all. A leather skirt makes my inner glam rock chick so excited !

zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

Long sweater dress

Hi guys!

This fall/winter Comfi is my key word. Big sweaters , wide pants , soft and warm fabrics. I am on the hunt for a big oversized sweater dress. One that you can just put on pare some boots with it and you are ready. I want one in every color. With a V neck or a turtle neck , a wool one or one made of jersey. I love them all

Carosel cake

Hi guys!

Its not a secret that i love cakes. Not only the taste but some cakes are prettyer than some human. I found the cake of my dreams . The carosel cake. Its a big and full of wonderfull details . I bet it has a lot of layers filled with butercream. It would be sad to eat it but it would be a waste if you didn't eat it.  Take a look at these beautifull cakes.

Overknee boots

Hi guys!

I am a shoe addict. But there are still a few shoes on my wishlist. And the one that i want the most is the over knee boot. It can make any outfit go from boring to freakin sexy ! You can wear it with a tunic dress , a oversized sweater ,a cute skirt, or even with a jeans. They keep your legs warm while you are looking good !

vrijdag 30 september 2016


Hi guys!

Did you know that i have a lot in comment with Cookie monster . Im not really into candy or other sweet stuff , but i looove cookies. Soft chocolet chip cookies or Oreos or speculaas or pepernoten  ( I think only dutchies will understand haha) I love them all. But my favorite cookie is a little french cookie : Macaron ! It comes in many different flavors and colors. They look so pretty and cute. And they all taste amazing. I love the merengue texture of the cookies with a soft creamy filling. I never had one from laduree. But i had a maccaron when i was in french so i was close to the real deal haha. The most delicious one that i tastes was a mint macaron from a bakary in Amsterdam.

Mmm i am craving for macarons now !

vrijdag 23 september 2016

Winter coat

Hi guys!

Every year it is a struggle, finding the perfect winter coat. I love long elegent coats. But sometimes it can be to warm for a coat like that and i have to take that enormous coat with me . I love parkas to. They are more casual and have a hood. But where do i find one without a ridiculous fur band around the hood. And why can i only find green parkas.. what iz  the deal with that. Or should i go for a leather jacket with a warm lining. No that will make me look like a cartoon .
It is so dificult !!

woensdag 21 september 2016


Hi guys!

We all love jeans. They are comfi , cool and warm great for fall. But there is one special jeans i am starting to fall in love with . The mom jeans. Oke i admit as a fashion lover i love the mom jeans for a couple of year. But there is one type of mom jeans i can't get out of my mind. The not to light not to dark, loose but skinny retro mom jeans. Its a lovely jeans that has a retro vibe but you can combine it on so many great ways you will never get bored with this jeans.

maandag 19 september 2016

Fall wishlist

Hi guys!

Finally it is fall. At least i hope so i can't handle another week of to hot summer.
But fall means changing my gardrobe. But there are a couple of things that i want . Let me show you my wish list.

A leather jacket.
I still need a leather jacket. But i can't finx the perfect one.. so feel free to send me one haha

I love trousers there soft and comfortable. But chique at the same time. So i want one in every shape and fall color.

To me fall means boots. I love boots there warm comfortable and sexy. Especially these Alexander wang boots.
Give me a big boxy warm sweater and i am happy. These fall i am going on a hunt for a big sweater dress.