woensdag 13 juli 2016

I hate vlogs

Hi guys!

When you read the title you might think , wtf but aren't vlogs a cool trend right now. Yes exactly and thats why i hate them. Everybody thinks there lives are so important they should film it. And most of them just start filming for the money they think they might get. ( Its not that easy you guys) A lot of people just film in there house and how they do there grocerys and sit in there car telling people there opinions that most of the time does'nt even make sence . But i do love youtube and there are a couple of greate videos online that i want to share with you.

First video is this video from hey clair.
There are alot of beauty gurus on youtube. But not all of them are creative . Hey claire is. Even when she doesn't makes a video in a while she comes back with this.

Second video is this video from luca fersko.
This video actually doesn't makes any sence . But it is funny tho. It just a couple of friends having fun in new york and making a crazy video. The editting and the way they shot it is great.

Tird video is a video of casey neistat.
Oke oke this is a vlog. But not a regular vlog. He has a story in every video and is not just rambling around. Also he has great drone shots wich i love and in the end of his videos he is not begging for likes. You can really see that he is a film maker and that he enjoys it.

Another video from luca fersko.
Sorry i just love his videos.
This is an example of a atmosphere video . I love these type of videos . You can still see what he did that day. But he is not telling about every detail. Wich most of the time annoys me cause i can see what you eat you don't have to talk about it for 10 minuts.

Last video is a video of the fashion citizen.
They made a creative favorite video . Wich is really inspiring and not as boring as a normal favorite video. They love to expiriment with editting and you can really see that in there videos.
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