woensdag 29 juni 2016

Hair inspiration

Hi guys!

I love my hair . Its thick, bouncy , and never does what i want. I use to die my hair in every color of the Rainbow , and cut it very short . But since a few years i just have a simple hair do and my own hair color. I do still love my hair do but every time i am at the hair dresser i think i need a change . But i never know what else to do with my hair so i go for the same thing.

But there is pinterest ! I am totally into the beachy hair trend. So i was looking around for inspiration and i found something else . Its a shorter beachy hair do with baliage . And i fell in love with it . So maybe next time i go to the hair dresser , i might come back with something else !

Inspiration pictures.

maandag 27 juni 2016

Mirror nails

Hi guys !

I am blessed with long nails. So im Always looking around on the internet for nail inspirations. And this time i found something amazing : Mirror nails .
Its basicly a polish or a foil that you put on your nails and it has a shiny crome effect. You can make mirror nails in every collor you want but i like silver the most because that looks more like a mirror haha.

I have to videos for you about how to make mirror nails

vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Take me to ...

Hi guys !

We all fantasize about different places we want to go . We all have dream vacations where we can't stop dreaming about. Today i want to show you 5 of some beautyfull locations . I wouldn't mind if someone took me there haha.

1.Pink lake - Australia

Pink is my favorite color so i want to swim in this lake !

2. A big supermarket in the USA

Its like a little trip to go to a supermarket in an other countrey . But in America you mide get lost in there haha.

3. Petra - Jordanie

I've saw this place once in one of my favorite programs and ever since i want to go there.

4. Marrakech

This city is so magical al the colors and the beautifull buildings . I imagen that the whole city smells like nice herbs and lovely food

5.Venice beach

I love beaches and Venice beach is the king of the beaches ! There are so many diffrent people and things to do you won't get bored

woensdag 22 juni 2016


Hi guys!

It was summer in Holland. You know that one week where we all go out barely naked and then we complain that its to hot. Well that week is over. It went from a hot summer to like a shit storm. And then this little girl went from healthy to like a zombi ( i like to exaggerate )
So i had literally every sympthon of a fever . And now im still a bit def and i bark like a little angry dog . But hey im still optimistic, and i am going to give you some tips and tricks about how to survive a nearly dead expirience ( jup exaggerated)

1. Ginger

You can drink a ginger shot or drink ginger tea and it will help you to get better. I have never tried it because i hate ginger but i heard good things about it. So if you want to burn your throat to get better, try ginger.

2. Honey

if your throat hurts then  you can use honey . Put it in your tea or in water with some lemon and your throat feels a lot better

3. Rest

Aldo you might keep your self a wake with your cough, just try to rest as much as you can.

4. Toothpast

Another thing for your throat is : Gargle with toothpast it might seem weird but it has a better tast than salt and water and it feels soft .

5. Shower

It doesn't matter how worse you feel just take your ass to the shower and you feel a lot better after that.

maandag 13 juni 2016

Favorite series

Hi guys !

I am not a movie person . I don't have the patience for it and halfways i Always forget where the story is about . Thats why i love series . You get to know the characters ,the story per episode is not to long and there are more seasons !
My favorite genre of movies are commedy and thriller oh and put some drama in it we all love drama .

These are the series that i love the most

1. Orange is the new black.

This serie has all the things i love in a serie. Drama, humor, crime and prison life.
And next week season 4 will finally be on netflix ! Can't wait

2. Prison break.

Yas i have a thing for prison series. And yes this serie has ended a couple of years ago but there will be a new season ! Yass can''t wait to see that sexy ass wentworth miller again !

3. Unbreakeble kimmy smith

Humor and dramaqueens aka my life aka this serie. It is so funny and crazy . And titus adromadon ( or something ) is my spiritual animal haha. The whole serie just reminds me of sesami street but for grow ups

4. Modern family

This serie is so funny i love all the characters. There is nothing much to say about it just a funny modern family with great family members haha

5. Peaky blinders

There accents , Tommy ( so sexy) the crime , just the whole vibe of this serie i loooove it !

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Insta trend

Hi guys !

I was looking around on instagram and i found this lip trend . Just one normal lipcolor is a no go on insta. You can find fantastic lip art wich you probably will never wear on a regular day haha. But it is very inspiring and makes me want to create a Picasso on my lips .

What do you think of this trend ? II love it !

woensdag 8 juni 2016


Hi guys!
Well we all love food don't we ?! And sometimes we are craving for special kind if food. Normally i don't have a sweet tooth but now i do ! It cpuld be this warm weather or something but feed me sweet things haha.

If got a little wish/craving list for you . Warning don't watch this if you are hungry .

1 Donuts .

Omg filled donuts with a yummy frosting or glase give it to meee ! Btw are there any donut stores in holland? If not we need one right now !

2. Special milkshakes
Normally in not really into milkshakes . But i could drink this piece of art from black tap

3.  Watermelon cocktail.
I had a watermelon cocktail a few weeks ago and i can't stop dreaming about it.

4. Mint oreo's
They do sell them in holland but way to expensife ! But they are goals yum.

5. Cake
Just any type .

maandag 6 juni 2016

Think Pink

Hi guys !

I have a new logo! I love it , it is so cute and minimalistic .And pink is my new favorite color this summer it is so cute and innocent at the same time. If pink is not your thing then i am going to inspire you with these pink outfit ideas . Warning you might want to have an all pink wardrobe .

vrijdag 3 juni 2016

Online plussize clothes

Hi guys !

Last Friday i had some plussize fashion tips for you and i said something about online shopping . And because i want you to save some time with shopping in the online jungle , im going to show you a couple of my favorite online stores .

1. Asos

Asos is my all time favorite online store .They have everything a girl ( or boy) can wish for . From shoes to bags to make up to hair tools. And yes they have a large plussize/curve collection. And even in the plussize collection they have diffrent styles . So if you are a rock chick or a romantic girl or whatever take a look on asos you will probably find something. Oh and don't forget to look in the sale section they have great deals !

2. New look

New look is a very trendy store that has fashionable clothes for a good price. And thank god they have a plussize collection . But not only do they have clothing for bigger bodys but also shoes for bigger feet. So if you have trouble finding cute shoes for your wide feet , take a look on newlook.com

3. Yoursclothing

This is a store i recently found and fall in love with . I have to be honest that the clothing is not really my style ( aldo there are a couple of cute things ) But they have the cutest lingerie ! Its very important to support your big boobies , and you don't want to wair plane boring underwear . So thank you yoursclothing for selling cute lingerie haha.

4. Boohoo

If you like to look like a sexy dangerous woman then boohoo is the store for you ! From beautyfull bodycon dresses to bodys that show your whole goods they have it all. Oh and don't worry about the price they have very affortable clothing .

5. Modcloth

Are you totally in to retro/vintage looking clothes then take a look at Modcloth . They have cute clothing that have a bit of a pinup vibe . Everything on there site makes me thing of summer beach and ice cream .

I hope i inspired you with this blogpost and that you will find many outfits haha

woensdag 1 juni 2016

Wide legg pants

Hi guys !

I have a confession.. Im obsessed with wide legg pants .. They come in so many different prints and colors and they are sooo comfortable . The light and soft fabrics that they are usualy made off are perfect for the dutch summers . But how do you style them ? Today i am going to show you 3 ways to style a wide legg pants .


When you are wearing a wide legg pants you 'might think of wearing a fitted top with it . But you can also go for a classic white lose blouse and some heels and you will look classy.

Shirt - Esprit
Pants - Esprit
Shoes - New look


Culottes are actualy short wide leg pants that look like skirts . I love them . When you put your shirt in your pants you put the acent on your waist . And when you will wear them with heels you will look very flirty and feminine .

Top - Esprit
culotte - River island
Shoes - Newlook

3. Jumpsuit

When you don't want to put to much effort in your outfit , you can go for an jumpsuit .You only have to pick a pair of shoes and you are done .

Jumpsuit - Esprit
Shoes - Newlook

I hope i inspired you with these looks and that you love wide legg pants as much as i do !