maandag 13 juni 2016

Favorite series

Hi guys !

I am not a movie person . I don't have the patience for it and halfways i Always forget where the story is about . Thats why i love series . You get to know the characters ,the story per episode is not to long and there are more seasons !
My favorite genre of movies are commedy and thriller oh and put some drama in it we all love drama .

These are the series that i love the most

1. Orange is the new black.

This serie has all the things i love in a serie. Drama, humor, crime and prison life.
And next week season 4 will finally be on netflix ! Can't wait

2. Prison break.

Yas i have a thing for prison series. And yes this serie has ended a couple of years ago but there will be a new season ! Yass can''t wait to see that sexy ass wentworth miller again !

3. Unbreakeble kimmy smith

Humor and dramaqueens aka my life aka this serie. It is so funny and crazy . And titus adromadon ( or something ) is my spiritual animal haha. The whole serie just reminds me of sesami street but for grow ups

4. Modern family

This serie is so funny i love all the characters. There is nothing much to say about it just a funny modern family with great family members haha

5. Peaky blinders

There accents , Tommy ( so sexy) the crime , just the whole vibe of this serie i loooove it !

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