woensdag 1 juni 2016

Wide legg pants

Hi guys !

I have a confession.. Im obsessed with wide legg pants .. They come in so many different prints and colors and they are sooo comfortable . The light and soft fabrics that they are usualy made off are perfect for the dutch summers . But how do you style them ? Today i am going to show you 3 ways to style a wide legg pants .


When you are wearing a wide legg pants you 'might think of wearing a fitted top with it . But you can also go for a classic white lose blouse and some heels and you will look classy.

Shirt - Esprit
Pants - Esprit
Shoes - New look


Culottes are actualy short wide leg pants that look like skirts . I love them . When you put your shirt in your pants you put the acent on your waist . And when you will wear them with heels you will look very flirty and feminine .

Top - Esprit
culotte - River island
Shoes - Newlook

3. Jumpsuit

When you don't want to put to much effort in your outfit , you can go for an jumpsuit .You only have to pick a pair of shoes and you are done .

Jumpsuit - Esprit
Shoes - Newlook

I hope i inspired you with these looks and that you love wide legg pants as much as i do !

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