woensdag 22 juni 2016


Hi guys!

It was summer in Holland. You know that one week where we all go out barely naked and then we complain that its to hot. Well that week is over. It went from a hot summer to like a shit storm. And then this little girl went from healthy to like a zombi ( i like to exaggerate )
So i had literally every sympthon of a fever . And now im still a bit def and i bark like a little angry dog . But hey im still optimistic, and i am going to give you some tips and tricks about how to survive a nearly dead expirience ( jup exaggerated)

1. Ginger

You can drink a ginger shot or drink ginger tea and it will help you to get better. I have never tried it because i hate ginger but i heard good things about it. So if you want to burn your throat to get better, try ginger.

2. Honey

if your throat hurts then  you can use honey . Put it in your tea or in water with some lemon and your throat feels a lot better

3. Rest

Aldo you might keep your self a wake with your cough, just try to rest as much as you can.

4. Toothpast

Another thing for your throat is : Gargle with toothpast it might seem weird but it has a better tast than salt and water and it feels soft .

5. Shower

It doesn't matter how worse you feel just take your ass to the shower and you feel a lot better after that.

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