vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Take me to ...

Hi guys !

We all fantasize about different places we want to go . We all have dream vacations where we can't stop dreaming about. Today i want to show you 5 of some beautyfull locations . I wouldn't mind if someone took me there haha.

1.Pink lake - Australia

Pink is my favorite color so i want to swim in this lake !

2. A big supermarket in the USA

Its like a little trip to go to a supermarket in an other countrey . But in America you mide get lost in there haha.

3. Petra - Jordanie

I've saw this place once in one of my favorite programs and ever since i want to go there.

4. Marrakech

This city is so magical al the colors and the beautifull buildings . I imagen that the whole city smells like nice herbs and lovely food

5.Venice beach

I love beaches and Venice beach is the king of the beaches ! There are so many diffrent people and things to do you won't get bored

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