woensdag 8 juni 2016


Hi guys!
Well we all love food don't we ?! And sometimes we are craving for special kind if food. Normally i don't have a sweet tooth but now i do ! It cpuld be this warm weather or something but feed me sweet things haha.

If got a little wish/craving list for you . Warning don't watch this if you are hungry .

1 Donuts .

Omg filled donuts with a yummy frosting or glase give it to meee ! Btw are there any donut stores in holland? If not we need one right now !

2. Special milkshakes
Normally in not really into milkshakes . But i could drink this piece of art from black tap

3.  Watermelon cocktail.
I had a watermelon cocktail a few weeks ago and i can't stop dreaming about it.

4. Mint oreo's
They do sell them in holland but way to expensife ! But they are goals yum.

5. Cake
Just any type .
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