vrijdag 27 mei 2016

Plussize fashion tips

Hi guys !

Today i've got some tips for lady's with curves. Its not that easy to shop for trendy clothes. Especially when a lot of plussize stores sell mostly basic or ''grandma'' clothes .
So i have a couple of tips for you so that you can look amazing and feel happy with your beautyfull curves.

Tip 1 : Get to know your body .

This tip is the most important tip . Find out wich bodyshape you have, so you can buy clothes that compliment your curves . And don't be afraid to show your curves .There are many guides on the internet that can tell you wich bodyshape you have . Oh and when you are plussize your shape doesn't Always have to be apple .You can also be an hourglass with extra sand haha.

Tip 2 : Think outside the box

You might think that you can only shop at the plussize section . But thats not true . You can shop in almost any store you just have to try out different things . Go for oversized tops and jackets and strechy matterials . Stores like monki and H&M have clothes that are slightly bigger an might fit around your curves.

Tip 3 : Online shopping

Online shopping can be risky but it is also a lot of fun .You find a lot of things that you will not find when you go shopping . Are you looking for a special item just go online and you will propably find it . When you know what looks best on you its easyer to shop online . Many online stores have a size guide with measerments so you can measer yourself so you know that the clothes will fit you . There are many online stores so i''ve got a little list for you .

1. www.Asos.com 
2. www.Forever21.com
3. www.boohoo.com
5. www.newlook.com

Tip 4 : The men section

When you like the sporty or ''boyfriend'' look then try to shop in the men section . Mens jackets and shirts are obviously bigger because men have big muscles . But there is nothing wrong with mens clothes. Lets be honest there is no difference between a womens or mens bomberjacket ..

I hope you find these tips use full and that you will look fabulous !

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