woensdag 18 mei 2016

Youtube fave's

Hi guys!

YouTube is my favorite place on the internet. You can litterly find any video there . But what i like to watch the most are fashion video's Ootd's, hauls, how to style , ect. Since there are a Thousand of people making those video's . I made a list of people that i like the most .

The fashion citizen.

The fashion citizen is my all time favorite YouTube channel. I follow them for a long time now i think i can say i watched almost every video. They are the ones that introduced me to thrift shopping . I love there styles and how they changed.Can you believe that they are twin sisters?! You should check them out .

Clothes and counters

Jenn is another youtuber that i follow for a long time . I think at the same time as the fashion citizen. She used to make thrift videos with her friend . But now she makes her videos alone . I love how she makes travel videos with ootds in it .

Luca fersko

This guy is a true YouTube gem. The way he edits his video's the cool idea's he has .And the most important thing he makes most of his video's in NYC ( I mean halloo) When he's not in NYC he is in Trento in Italy and i've been there once ( What happends there stays there ok )

To the 9s

These canadian girls have the coolest styles . I want to have everything the've got . They even made me want to  have a culotte .. i use to hate those pants .. what is happening to me .

The line up

Well i guess that 2 girls is a theme in this blogpost. But i like it you get double ootds in just one video. These girls are from sweden i love  scandinavian fashion . They are very sweet and they make lovely videos . They also did a ( or more) collab with to the 9s

That was my top 5 favorite youtubers. I do have some more fave's but then this list would be to long .
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