woensdag 4 mei 2016


Hi guys !

Glitter is my second name. If there is any chance to wear glitter i wear glitter. And where can you wear glitter better than at a festival !
Today i have 2 looks for you with glitter .

Glitter eyebrows

Different colored eyebrows are totally on trend right now. Why not spice it up with some glitter?
Take a collored eyeliner and fill in your brows .On top of that eye liner you put your glitter.
I used a creme base glitter. If you have regular glitter make sure that they will stick on your brows .

Under eye glitter.

If you go from festival to festival , you will look tired and have under eye bags.
Why not cover them up with glitter ! You will look fabulous and no one will notice your under eye bags .

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