maandag 2 mei 2016

Colored freckles

Hi guys !

It's festival season, that means cool outfits and bold make up.This week i have 3 make up looks for you that hopefully will inspire you for your festival look.

Lets start with the first look : Colored freckles i spotted this look on YouTube at Samantha Ravndahl  her channel.
And i loved it . I think freckles are very cute and give you that natural and innocent look.Why not make it more fun with adding colors !

I am using lip liners and eyeliners . Its important that you use some lighter and darker colors . Just like real freckles .

And then just start placing them randomly . I place them where i have my natural freckles , around my eyes and i also place some on my forehead . With the darkest color you make the big freckles and fill the rest in with the lighter colors .

I only used some pink colors but you can use any color. You can even make Rainbow freckles.
When you are done you can set your freckles with an translucent powder and/or fixing spray .

If you want to have a edgy or sporty look , you can make your freckles black and white .

I hope i inspired you with this look. Have a nice festival season !

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