vrijdag 29 april 2016

Music makes me lose control

Hi guys !

Music is one of my favorite things in life. Such a cliché i know .But when you ask me about my favorite genre i don't really have an awnser. I grew up with the music that my mom used to listen when she was young .. you know 'old music' ( sorry mom haha) and i still like to listen to some of the artist . But i also use to listen to populair artist in the 90's and early 20's. Right now i listen to the bullshit that they call music on the radio and stuff its catchy and fun but you can't really call it music can you ?

I want to share some of my favorite songs and artist of the moment .

Prince - Kiss

This song is my favorite song of prince . And no i am not one of those young girls that loves his music after his dead and then can only talk about purple rain.  Prince was often on the radio when i was young and also later on the 'old music ' station that my mom likes to listen to haha.

Ramses shaffy - de ene wil de ander

Oke i have to admit that i only knew 2 songs from him before his dead . But my friend had a couple more songs of him on her iPod and we use to listen to him in our train back home from school. A few years ago there was a docu-serie about his life on the TV and i discoverd more of his songs . This song is my favorite . I love the way he preforms it and i find the song very funny.

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots | Cover by Alex Aiono

I love covers . There are such creative people on YouTube that make great cover. Some of the covers i like even more then the Original songs . Alex Aiono is one of my favorite YouTube artist that make covers. I actualy wanted to post one of his latest mash ups but blogger wouldn't let me . ( Oh yeah the guy is pretty cute yes )

Justin bieber - I'll show you

Yes i am a belieber . If i was a producer then i was the one who made him famous haha. No not really but i listend to his covers when he wasn't famous jet ( i'm a hipster ain't i ) . When the song baby came out i didn't listen to his music so much any more . But after ' boyfriend' i became a fan again. And i was more then happy with his last album . This is my favorite song .

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