maandag 18 april 2016


Hi guys !

Today i am going to share 2 very easy but very nice cocktails with you.

Wiskey (ice)cream.

What you need :

Vanilla ice cream
Wiskey cream
Crunched ice

Put 4 little shots of wiskey cream in the class with some crunched ice . Fill the rest of the glass with the vanilla ice cream . Make some coffee and let it cool down . Then put 2 shots of coffee in the glass. Stirr it all together and enjoy!

Limoncello cocktail.

What you need :

Sangria wine

Put  a quarter glass ( we used this big Bacardi glasses to measure ) limoncello in to a blender. Then 2 shots of sangria wine and a hand full of stawberrys. Blend it all together and you are ready to drink !

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