vrijdag 20 mei 2016

On trend

Hi guys !

Today i want to talk about some items that i see everywhere in store's and on fashionistas.
From prints to jewerly to colors that are on trend .

Lets check it out!


Oke oke stripes are Always on trend . And aldo i hate the normal black and white horizontal stripes ( come on they look like pyama's) I do like the vertical stripes. They come in many different colors and they do make you look thinner


Chokers are back on trend guys ! You can go buy some cool ones in stores or you can DIY your own cool personal choker . Wear one or layer a bunch of them around your neck.


Yes i admit i used to hate these pants . Its the lenght that makes me hated it . Now that i've seen a couple cool fashion bloggers style them i do like them . I'm on the hunt for cute culottes !

Off shoulder tops

chokers wide pants off shoulder tops.. are we back in the 90's ? Anyways these tops are the bomb there sexy but not to revealing and they look cute . Can you believe that one top has all those things ? No ? me neither !

Light pink

Light baby pink is a thing lately and i love it . Its a cute and girly color but you can style it however you want sporty , minimal , or even chique . Go get yourself something pink !

What is your favorite trend for this summer ?
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