donderdag 25 augustus 2016

Wednesdays are great

Hi guys !

Guess what? We have another warm sunny summer week ! I have to admit that its very hot and most of the day i avoid the burning sun. But i love it. Wednessday i went to wageningen where they have my favorite market. Oke the market isn't as big as it suposed to be and i only go there for 1 fruit and vegetable stand , but i love the city and i looove that 1 fruit and vegetable stand. They have the best fruit and vegetables for very cheap prices. The fruit is very ripe so you have to eat it in a week but that isn't a problem for me . I bought 6 mango's , 5 advocado's , 5 lemons , and 2 melons for only €6.50 !! The cheapest mango i found in the super market is €1.69 so its a great deal !

After that we had some lunch at Bagels & Beans.
I had a fruit juice and a chicken chutney bagel.
Which i am going to make at home, like i have enough mangos for a mango chutney now!

And in the evening it was time for sushi and friends. I went to my favorite sushi restaurant Sumo with my favorite friends. I ate to much laught to much but it was a wonderfull day !
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