vrijdag 12 augustus 2016


Hi guys!

Most girls have a closeth full of clothes but they still don't know what to wear.
When you have the right basics it can make choosing an outfit easyer.
Today i am going to talk about 4 basics i think every girl should have .

1. Jeans

Jeans are the perfect base for an outfit. They come in many different colors and many different fits. Make sure you have at least one jeans that fits perfect and compliments your body. It can be a hell to find the perfect one but when you find it you want to wear it every day.

2. Basic shirt.
A basic black and white shirt is my  favorite basic.
When you like to wear a lot of prints combine it with a black or with shirt so you wont look like a circus act.
3. Leather jacket.
A leather jacket is a perfect basic. It can make any outfit a cool outfit. You can wear your most boring clothes and trow a leather jacket on , and you will look amazing
4 .Little black dress.
Because where would a girl be without a little black dress.
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