dinsdag 23 augustus 2016

The perfect hand bag

Hi guys!

Today we are going to talk about hand bags. I am not really a bag person but  im spotting amazing hand bags that i adore. Usually i'm wearing my cool backpack that my friends gave me. But half of the time its empthy , and i just walk around with a bag full of nothing.. When i go out i do have a little back for my phone, wallet and lipstick. Lately im thinking of having a handbag , one that fits my wallet, keys, phone, some beauty products and a bottle of water. I Love the look of a big bag but then in a miniture version. You can put all your essentials in those bags ,but you wont put a lot in them like you would with a big bag. If i had the change to spend a lot of money on a bag i would go for a Chanel boy bag or my current favorite the Givency Antigona mini. (So Givency if you are reading this holler at your girl)

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