maandag 29 augustus 2016

Skin smoothie

Hi guys!

I love smoothies, its healthy and delicious at the same time . Since i bought 6 mangos last wednesday i found out how healthy mangos are for your skin ! So i made some smoothies that made my skin glow and got rid of my pimpels ! And today i share my recipe with you.

You need

1 mango
1/2 banana
A hand full of sliced strawberrys
A hand full of blueberrys.
1/2 advocado
orange juice
And lemon juice

Mix al the fruits in a blender and you are ready ! You can use frozen fruit so you have a delicious cold smoothie. If your smoothie is to thick you can ad some water or even coconut water to make it smoother .

Fun fact :

Mangos are vitamin bombs they have a lot of vitamins  which are good for your skin. They open you clogged pores and give you a healthy glow .Also they have a lot of vitamine A so theye are great for your eyes to.

Enjoy your smoothie !

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