woensdag 16 maart 2016

Random favorites

Hi guys!

Today i want to show you some of my random favorites .

Boxer braids

The kardashian sisters , on the street and on me.
Everywhere you see the boxer braids . I love them . My hair is out of my face and i can even say that i look cute when i wear them . ( No shame )

The Bodyshop body sorbet - Virgin Mojito

This product is one of my favorites because it has the scent of a delicious cocktail . Also important is that it sinks in pretty quickly. It doesn't make my skill feel greasy at all

Hema easy shine lipbalm - 08

Aldo i have a ton of lipsticks , it wasn't very hard to choose my favorite.
This lipstick is actualy a lipbalm but it leaves a lot of color on  my lips. It is a berry purple which is my favorite color at the moment. And i wear this lipbalm a lot especially on a night out.

Flormar nailpolish - jl07 Ruby

To go with the lipbalm i have this nailpolish.
I didn't bought the two to match on purpose. But as i said , berry purple is my favorite color.

Glitter skirt - boohoo

I love glitter and i love bodycon skirts . Do i need to say more?

Shoes - Hogan

Last but not least my hogan shoes. The qoute on the picture says it all.
I love them but they give me blisters .

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